1. Toxic Overload

From the recording The Late Projectionist

2011 Mass Ants Music
Music D. Smith, P. Faivre
Lyrics D. Smith
Produced by Jason Carmer

Dmitra Smith: Vox, Keys
Pascal Faivre: Guitars
Jim Valavanis: Bass
Ken Shelf: Drums


If I had to tell you where to go
like looking for a feather in the snow
could you find the things that I can see
like right now, that tree is talking to me

don’t be cross if I don’t hear
I got this little filter in my ear
It shuts out all the things that burn my skin
oh this body that I’m in

Toxic overload

you got to know how to think, how to act what to do, what to say
where to go, how to love all the people you know
how to write how to read how to process with speed
this world’s too much for me

It’s kinda lonely on my own
I like to spin in circles all alone
and you know my brain it works okay
you just never listen to what I say

don’t be cross if I don’t talk
your shoes just make too much noise when you walk
and sometimes my mind goes round the bend
when all I’m really needin’ is a friend

Toxic overload

this world and it’s insanity it ain’t no kinda place for me
listen to what I’m tellin’ you
and all the things you normal people say that I been doing wrong
well yeah, you know I’m kickin’ you
and all the doctors and the teachers and my parents just can’t wait
to push these pills down my frickin throat
well did you ever stop to think the problem could be you,
you and your dirty toxic overload

Toxic overload