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"Rare Creatures is the kind of album that draws you in with the first song and keeps you hooked for the duration of the six-song album...like a cross between Bikini Kill, Siouxsieand the Banshees and bubblegum.  This one, short album has absolutely everything someone could need:  gritty vocals, danceable drums, buzzsaw guitars and just enough of that electronic sound to blen it all together."  --Punknews.org

"Snarling on the quirky, wiry, Metric/Epoxies-like "Monkey Scratches", sweet on the wheezy, danceable "Tonight", and seductive on the hurtling, propulsive "Just Go".  --The Big Takeover, NY

“For a performer who defies facile definition, Smith does boast a single defining feature – her voice, which she wields with virtuosic command…with a natural warmth that adds a sultry dimension to the band’s challenging, punk-infused arrangements.” –Bullpit Magazine, LA

"Static People are destined to be your next favourite band.  They combine distorted greatness, old school punk vibes and a touch of noisy indie – you need them in your life."  --Somojo Magazine UK

"The Late Projectionist brings us deeper into the mind of singer Dmitra Smith…painting vivid pictures of the goings-on of a haunted mind...top-notch recording and an album full of hooky songs."  --Vandala Concepts Ezine, Canada
"Static People makes you feel your heart beating in its cage...raving rock’n’roll to grit your teeth to."  --New York Waste

"Each track has Dmitra Smith’s voice front and center, full of the same angst and derision that propelled Patti Smith to stardom."  --The Ripple Effect



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