Static People in Seattle on June 1st at the High Dive in Fremont--comin home to rock!

Ah, Seattle--My home town. I left there in 1992 at the height of the grunge explosion to play with a band in SF.
People that I met were completely blown away by my exodus: "Duuude, why did you leave? It's so fuckin COOL there!" Yeah, real cool.  No town that you grow up in is ever cool after you've grown up there.  People from New York might beg to differ.  Plus, and I know this whole sentiment is played out--it Rains. All.  The. DAMN. Time.  I still wonder how we got those hairdos to stand up in that weather.  Oh yeah, Aqua Net.  Do they still make it or has it been banned by the EPA?

 I still love Seattle.  It's gorgeous.  Smack dab in between two mountain ranges with an enormous sleeping volcano, so beautiful and perfect that it looks, well, FAKE.  Like one of those cheap oil paintings sold at those weekend auctions at the Red Lion Inn('Thousands of beautiful prints to choose from at $10, $20, $30 dollars!").  

I also (secretly) like to go to The Experience Music Project , and pore over the contents of the Seattle Scene exhibit.  So many friends are up there in all the bands, so many old posters I used to see on my daily travels.  My whole youth experience seems to be up on those walls.  It's like a huge scrapbook for so many people.  It really was DIY back then.  It was a tight knit community of weirdos.  I remember when we couldn't even be served a cup of coffee because we were freaks.  Not so anymore.  I'm glad it opened up, even though I have my share of bitching to do about the urban sprawl and influx of out of towners, and I don't even live there anymore.  Hell--I'm from California now, so I'll be polluting it myself. 

You know your town has changed when you go back home and keep telling people about "the really cool place that used to be here before it was Starbucks."  Sorry Starbucks, you're always gonna get shit.  For example, does anyone remember Free Mars?  NO--not Cafe Mars, FREE MARS.  it was open from 4pm to 4am and it had a vending machine in the back which only sold--yep, you guessed it--MARS bars.  

Now the place is filled with hipsters, just like SF, so I have to fight that sneer that comes when I walk past the fancy knick knack stores and restaurants and I'm thinking, "Dammit, I was buying comix and records in that store that no longer exists before you were BORN."  *Sigh* -- the angry geek syndrome.  It's a bitter pill to swallow.

Anyway, back to reality.  Our homegirl Miss J9 Fierce along with Diva le Deviant has been putting on Skinny Dip, a monthly extravaganza showcase featuring belly dancers, burlesque, DJs and special musical guests at the very cool High Dive in Fremont.  Static People will be taking the stage at 8pm on Wednesday June 1st.  Our current configuration features bass player Jim Valavanis and KICK ASS drummer Ken Shelf of SF experimental indie darling band  The Dont's.  We just released our new video for The Late Projectionist, and we're really excited to play in Sea-Town.  It's always good to come home, and rock for your peeps.  Hope to see you Seattle types there!